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FloodFrame - A customised barrier to protect your property

Chris Fry - Managing Director at Accelar Limited

Danish company provides an automatic flood resilience solution for property and infrastructure

As well as being world leaders in tackling climate change, Danes have a strong tradition in inventing - from Lego to Google Maps. Following in these footsteps, an innovative Danish company is now starting to make its Floodframe solution available internationally, including in the UK as well as in Germany and the USA.

Floodframe’s Chief Executive Susanne Toftgård Nielsen commented “the development of Floodframe was sparked by the devastating floods in the UK in 2013/14. Since launching onto the Danish market in 2018, we have worked with concerned individual homeowners, who wanted to protect their homes from yet another flood. We think that Floodframe can be an effective solution for the many homeowners in similar situations in the UK.”

How does Floodframe work?

The Floodframe system was developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and Danish Hydraulic Institute. It is installed around a building or asset (e.g. electricity sub-stations), providing a hidden permanent flood resistance barrier. It activates automatically when the water level rises. Floodframe does not require electricity and will activate as needed in case of flooding, even if no one is there.

Floodframe consists of a heavy-duty waterproof cloth, customised to the building’s specifications. It is visually discrete as it is neatly stowed and concealed in a container, buried around the perimeter of your home, about 1 meter from the building itself.

If the flood waters rise and risk encroaching on your home, the mechanism automatically activates, releasing the cloth from its container. As the water level rises, its pressure causes the cloth to unfurl towards and up around the walls of your house. The heavy-duty cloth prevents the water from entering the building. The storage container buried around the perimeter, helps prevent the water from seeping into the house’s foundations.

Floodframe - engaged

More information

If you have any questions or would like further information about Floodframe, please get in touch with Chris Fry via

There are also more case studies and other information at the Floodframe UK website:

Chris Fry, Managing Director Accelar Limited, in partnership with Floodframe A/S

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