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The Floodjack® System

Andrew Parker

Founder of FloodJack

The Floodjack® System

The Floodjack® System has been designed to be as any other critical emergency system, to be in the background and unobtrusive in addition to being a security blanket for when a Flood Event Happens.

The average flood level in the UK of 500 mm and the potential with accelerated climate change we can expect flooding of over 1 meter in the near future, the threat of localized flash flooding and coastal erosion all making the importance of innovative new ideas imperative.

When you add in the total cost of repatriation (approx. £90,000) and £30,000 is for repairs alone, returning home taking between 9-12 months we felt that a simple, yet effective solution had to be found, and so began 9 years of design and testing.

The FloodSafe House™ looks like a normal house in its non-event position and has been designed to stay in a dormant state unless it is activated by a series of approved water sensors in agreement that there is a flood event. This process is fully automated and the building can raise to 1500mm in 15 minutes (1800mm at the door threshold not limited), this will ensure that the House will remain safe in any flood event that the UK weather can throw at it.

The FloodSafe House™ offers a solution that will enable families to return to their houses in a matter of days after a Flood Event and the clean-up of the area, with the minimum of disruption, anxiety and financial loss to their lives.

FloodJack International Ltd is working with The Flood Innovation Centre at the University of Hull, and The University of Liverpool alongside specialist Design Engineers and Off Site House Manufacturers to enable the FloodSafe House™ is ready to be in the market place during 2021.

Andrew Parker, the founder of Flood Jack.

Image courtesy of FloodJack