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Delta Membrane Systems

CSSW, Structural Waterproofing Consultants, Delta Membrane Systems

Company Background

Delta is committed to providing innovative flood resilient solutions which will help to improve the quality of life for people under threat from flooding.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality structural waterproofing products and systems Delta employs quality technical consultants in the industry to support sale of those products with technical design and specification advice to bring added value to customers in making sure that Delta’s vast range of products are used to their optimum effectiveness both correctly and efficiently.

Having firm roots and proven expertise in below ground waterproofing and coupled with a unique ability to innovate, Delta’s roots are in below ground waterproofing and the company progressed into above ground flood resilient solutions to be of benefit to flood victims and to those at risk of flooding.

Delta operates UK wide and has also undertaken projects in mainland Europe and further afield.


Delta’s product range originates from the specialist field of waterproofing structures below ground in accordance with building standards and codes of practice.

Some of Delta’s products are focussed upon providing barrier systems to prevent water ingress into a basement or building. These include polymer modified bitumen, fully bonded membranes, crystalline slurries, waterproof repair mortars, active leak-stopping and resin injection techniques, products for sealing within or around service penetrations and others.

Other Delta products are drainage-based and act as systems to manage, control and divert seepage through a structure. These include cavity drainage membranes, external drainage and protection membranes, perimeter drainage channels, sumps and pump stations with battery backup, intelligent alarms, and predictive maintenance technology and others.

The beauty of a Delta system can be realised when combinations of products with complimentary functions can be used to design tailored and bespoke systems to fit a variety of requirements and to build in extra factors of safety because the needs of every building and every customer are unique. This is where innovation begins.

Delta’s products are manufactured to the highest quality control standards. They have BBA and CE certifications and thirty-year product guarantees. Delta’s pumped drainage systems are supported by drainage engineer-designed specifications in terms of suitability and fitness for purpose. They comply with UK Building Regulations on capacity and storage. 24-hour monitoring, predictive maintenance features and annual service agreements are available to customers, as is an emergency call-out facility and other means of support to promote confidence and peace of mind.

Delta works closely with a select group of specialist contractors called Delta Registered Installers. These companies have been trained by Delta in the use and installation of Delta products. A Delta Registered Installer is current installing a Delta flood resilience solution into a private house in Belper, Derbyshire which suffers regular flooding from the river Derwent.

Success Case Studies

The Victorian Terrace, BRE “Flood House”, BRE Innovation Park, Watford

Front Elevation and fire brigade stress test

Layout Plan showing key design features.

Internal view showing Delta MS500 wall membrane and Delta MS20 floor membrane installation.

This project imbues all the principles of resistance, resilience, and recoverability within one scheme. It complies fully with BS85500 2015 Flood Resilient and Resilient Construction – Guide to improving the flood performance of buildings. The height, duration, velocity and severity of any one flood event is unpredictable. Therefore, in the case of overtopping of resistance measures or ingress through an open door or window for example, the internal finishes are designed to be resilient to internal flooding and recoverable, leading to more timely sanitisation and re-occupation to minimise disruption

Resilient and recoverable internal finishes installed on the “dry” side of the Delta system.

Edenside Barn, Carlisle, Cumbria

Internal surfaces of walls and floor treated using Delta Water Based Epoxy

This scheme omits cavity drainage membranes and sumps and pumps in favour of a more economic and practical approach to recoverability and timely re-occupation. The barn conversion is a private home located on the flood plain of the river Eden. It incorporates water resistance measures on the outside in the form of flood barriers across doors and low-level windows. Resistance measures are also incorporated on the internal face of the building fabric in the form of Delta Koster NB1 Grey Crystalline Slurry, Repair Mortar Plus waterproof fillets and pointing. Service penetrations are sealed using Delta Koster KB Flex 200 sealing compound. Delta Water based epoxy is applied across the slab and up the walls to provide a vapor barrier and a wipe-down waterproof surface for easy cleaning. The tiled floor finishes were installed over the Delta Water Based Epoxy with “sacrificial” de-mountable plasterboard wall finishes installed all around to one metre high. This solution is cost effective and simple to install. It is aimed at damage limitation and timely re-occupation.

Delta Water Based Epoxy was used to coat the internal faces of the structure. This provides a vapour barrier to residual water vapour trapped in the fabric of the structure following a flood. It provides a waterproof finish on the inside of the building which will not re-emit moisture and it can be cleaned and sanitised easily with zero drying time.

BS85500 Flood Resistant and Resilient Construction -Guide to improving the flood performance of buildings – The Underlying Logic

The British Standard for flood resilience is BS85500 2015: Flood Resistant and Resilient Construction. The above projects are based upon guidance provided within this.

See below excerpt from BS85550: 2015 which defines some useful terms for the homeowner or contractor who is seeking a starting point:

Guidance for a choice of design strategy is also given in the form of Table 1 below. However, we at Delta have found that the best policy is always to combine resistance with resilience. This is because one cannot predict in advance the depth or duration of a flood event, so the assumption that some degree of flood water ingress will occur is based upon the sound design principles of designing out risk and managing expectations.

Figure 2 is a diagram which we have also found to be extremely useful. It shows various routes of water entry which may need to be addressed as part of the design.

Delta’s specialist range includes products such as KB Flex 200, Fix 5 fast setting repair mortar and others for the sealing of service pipe entries or similar. These can be used in conjunction with products such as none-return valves, flood doors and flood barriers from other specialist manufacturers to form a cohesive bespoke and overall “joined up thinking” solution

The Future of Flood Resilient Construction

We at Delta are seeing recognaition for flood resilient measures to be incorporated into both new build and retrofit construction gradually gathering pace in the minds of the general community, insurance and construction sectors, but slowly. Homeowners who are at risk and those that have already been flooded need practical solutions now.

Delta seeks to create an awareness amongst the general public and industry bodies alike that many workable solutions exist already and more are on the way, thanks to our commitment to innovation and development in this sector.

Delta Membranes can be contacted at and our web site is located at We always stand ready to assist.

The below standard details are thought to be of interest for initial guidance to the homeowner who may be seeking reassurance and initial direction. Additional details are being developed all the time.

Standard Detail - Resistance and Recoverabiity

Standard Detail - Resistance, resilience and recoverability